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    Quality running in business roots for past 20 years.
    Extending boundaries in UK for versatile companies to join in.

  • Customer Care

    Company hires the best individuals keeping in view the speaking, listening and customer care skills. Company works on the idea of the verse “Customer is always right”

  • Quality Assurance

    Our expertise will help your company grow and work better with the quality, will adapt amazing technique to communicate and strengthen your brand’s identity.


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About Wraxi Calls

Call Center

We are among the fewer names within the UK call center industry known for expertise and quality. We focus on ideas that offer Wraxi Calls a favorable position over different established call center service suppliers in a large industrial expertise. We've been rendering and delivering call center services since 2001. With time, the amount of our services has touched new heights, as we have a tendency to deliver best.

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Four easy steps

How To Get

Choose Your
End Goal & Budget

Before you do anything else, define your objective. The more granular and quantifiable your goal, the better. Not only is it easier to gauge success when you’ve got a clear-cut goal, it also helps you plan. You don’t want to come up with a great idea, work out the costs, and then realize it’s out of your financial reach. Setting a budget based on what you can afford helps you avoid this issue.

Identify Your Target
Audience & Design Content

Next, figure out whom you’re targeting. Understanding the general demographic and needs of your audience will help you craft a relevant, valuable, and memorable marketing campaign. keep in mind the age, gender, location, interests of your audience. The next essential component of a marketing campaign is the content. The content of your marketing campaign conveys a certain message and contains your call to action (CTA).

Launch and

Congratulations! Your campaign is live—but it’s not time to celebrate yet. Keep careful track of the results. Your tracking methods are contingent upon your end goal; if you’re trying to sell more of Product X, ask every customer who buys Product X how they heard about it and keep a running tally of the ones who attribute your marketing campaign. If, on the other hand, you’re trying to get happy Yelp reviews, you might record how many good ones you received as a direct result of the campaign.

Analyze the

Now that you’ve reached the predetermined end date for your campaign, take stock of how it went. Here’s where having an extremely clear-cut goal comes in handy. To judge whether the campaign was a success, simply ask yourself, “Did it meet my original goal?” We will assist you to make your goal easy and successful.


Our Expertise

Some Of The
Services We Offer

Call Center Services International's management team has over 35-years of expertise in successfully establishing U.S.

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Data Entry

We specialize not only in calls, but in data collection, entry, and recording as well.


Invoices are the digital record of the transaction or payment made through.Invoices are kept as records

Customer Services

Customer service representatives has the key to win the hearts of the customers. They

Voice Recording

Our voice recording ability enables us to view voice envelopes of customers and agents separately


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