At Wraxi Calls, we ensure that all the information published on our website is always accurate. We make sincere efforts to keep all information on the website accurate and up-to-date along with the pricing.

All prices displayed on our website are INDICATIVE, and final pricing is decided only after taking into the account various factors like nature of the project, complexity level, skill and experience of the resources, time required for completion and terms of contract. Prices displayed are subject to final approval at the time of order fulfillment, which could result in an increase or decrease in the price quoted on the website.


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We are among the fewer names within the UK call center industry known for expertise and quality. We focus on ideas that offer Wraxi Calls a favorable position over different established call center service suppliers in a large industrial expertise. We've been rendering and delivering call center services since 2001. With time, the amount of our services has touched new heights, as we have a tendency to deliver best. We own an honor to hold a record of delivering adequate services. Popping up in the industry out of the blue, our customers have taken a sigh of relief, as they don’t ought to face problematic obstacles that occur throughout call center operations any longer. With the assistance of our 24/7 responsive services, our clients not solely increase their business accessibility however, conjointly mounts profitableness in addition. They witness an increase in client satisfaction and complete recognition.
Yes, our employees are pre-trained at handling calls and different situations. They are provided a fresher course before they start working on a new project. Your website, product and service guides, and previous mail correspondence with your clients help them understand your business better. We arrange workshops and seminars to train our employees with latest tool and technologies.We train our staff to have knowledge of latest technologies and software. With new software to be introduced, our staff knows to deal and work on it.
We never compromise on your data, credit card details, logins and passwords, and other confidential information. Our employees are made to sign a non-disclosure agreement before they start working with WraxiCalls, and any violations are severely dealt with. You can be assured of your business safety with us.
We intend to build a long-term relationship with small, medium, and large companies alike, across the globe. We Deliver the best services you Need. No More, No Less.
Yes. We do support live chat software, and our agents are trained at using them.
We provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days of week, 365 days a year.
There is no minimum contract duration, and you are free to terminate the contract by giving us a written notice 30 days in advance. This helps us channelize our resources better.
Inbound calls happen when a customer, client, or other individual calls into an organization. For instance, these are examples of inbound calls – if you call a customer service department for help, dial a phone number to place an order after seeing an offer on TV, or make a call to a business to schedule an appointment. These are considered inbound calls, because the phone rings in the call center to initiate the conversation. Basically, an inbound call is when a company receives a phone call from a customer.