Inbound calls are the calls system receives and our agents deal with the call and the purpose of it. CSR is responsible for the inbound calls and directs them to the system. They are responsible to manage the inbound calls for bookings and customer services. Inbound calls require a lot of attention and focus so as not to fall in communication barrier and losing a talk. Dealing with the customers should be done timely so as not to make them annoyed. Scripting may not be usual but as to keep the pace of trust and better communication, one should know best communication skills. Inbound calls may be varied by the types of queries. Some may be for the booking; some may be for the information regarding drivers or quotations. Agents are attentive for anything which come up from customer’s side. One also have to deal with the customer complaints and to make them feel satisfied regarding the problems they are contacting for. To build sustainable relationship with the customers is also a key role which an agent or CSR must be aware of. For the incoming calls, quality of deliverance and communication counts a lot in uplifting a company’s repute. All these factors are held noticeable for the inbounds and are kept under knowledge. As our company slogan says “every call matters”, it defines it is not just a call, but a company’s repute is to be held considerable. Customers issues, complains, inquiries, claiming, and queries should be resolved within one call.


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